Leverage your marketing investments.

MarketVidia ™ is an end-to-end software platform which integrates facial recognition technology and in-store marketing analytics.

What is MarketVidia™

  • Analyze Shopping Behaviour

    MarketVidia™ enables retailers identify customers and analyze behaviour based on general demographic patterns.
  • 360 Customer View

    MarketVidia ™ helps marketing teams validate whether  promotional campaigns are driving the intended audience and results. This real-time performance feedback allows for campaigns to be fine-tuned within days of identified decrease in performance.
  • Better Customer Segmentation

    Information collected by MarketVidia provides superior customer segmentation and analysis of the individual shopper behaviour.
  • AI Technologies

    The solution uses intelligent sensors which perform facial recognition and demographic analysis, including identification by age, gender and race detection.
  • Invisible Watching

    MarketVidia™ is an unobtrusive tool for counting number of customers. It collects visual information in-store that can be integrated with existing data, available in the CRM or the loyalty system.
  • No-IT Instant-On

    MarketVidia can be deployed in 24 hours with zero IT involvement. It is a turn-key, ready to use solution that can start delivering data to your marketing, merchandising and product management staff in a matter of hours.


  • Facial Recognition

    Facial recognition technology to identify customers when they enter the retail premises (new or repeating visitors).
  • Learning Algorithms

    Identification is based on deep learning algorithms (Neural Networks, Random Forests).
  • Data Integration

    Allows integration with data available for this customer, collected from other sources, in order to anticipate customer purchase intention at the point of sales.
  • Marketing Analytics

    Marketing analytics integrated with computer vision technologies.

How it works

  • Step 1

    Sensors setup

    Moving sensors are installed at particular spots in the store – above the entrance, shelves, aisles, cash desk, etc.
  • Step 2

    Facial recognition

    The sensors perform face recognition with high level of accuracy.
  • Step 3

    Customer Identification

    The technology behind enables identification of the customer location within the store – entrance, aisle, pay desk, etc., verifies the identity of each detected object and matches the profiles.
  • Step 4

    Visualization of Information

    Visualize information via dashboards, presenting customer conversion rate, filtered by gender, age, promotional event, season, etc.
  • Step 5

    Funnel of Sales

    Model a funnel of customer interaction, in order to help retailers maximize ROI of their marketing dollars. The information helps marketers to make fast adjustment to on-going marketing campaigns.

Business Benefits

  • Retailers and marketers gather, process and analyze shoppers’ behavior information.
  • Marketers utilize collected data and make insight-driven decisions.
  • Retailers improve customer experience and brands engagement.
  • Marketing team fine-tune their ongoing promotional campaigns, according to detailed reports, delivered from the retail venues. They streamline the campaigns in order to maximize the ROI of marketing investments:
  • track effectiveness of the displayed promotional content;
  • targeted communication at the retail venue – personalized in-store campaigns and unique promotional offers;
  • understand customers and visitors using powerful analytics dashboards;
  • better management of advertising and in-store marketing investment – cut costs and optimize content, as depicting which campaign matches better with store visitor’s profile and its correlation to customer’s purchase intention at a particular POS.

Deployment and Support

  • Hybrid Deployment

    We provide hybrid deployment, however it can be customized according to specific requirements or characteristics of the retail venue.
  • 24/7 Support

    Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide after-sales services in preventing downtime and keep your systems running, and in supplying updates and patches for bugs and security holes.

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  • MarketVidia helps retailers invest their ad dollars wisely by enabling more targeted messaging to their audience.

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