Face Recognition and Marketing Analytics

Face Recognition and Marketing Analytics
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Leverage Your Marketing Investments with Advanced Customer Classification and Demographic Analysis

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What is MarketVidia™

  • Rich Customer Insights

    MarketVidia™ enables you to classify customers and analyze behaviour based on general demographic patterns, such as age, gender and race.

  • 360-degree Customer View

    MarketVidia ™ helps marketing teams validate whether promotional campaigns are driving the intended audience and results. This real-time performance feedback allows for campaigns to be fine-tuned within days of identified decrease in performance.

  • Better Customer Segmentation

    Information collected by MarketVidia ™ provides superior customer segmentation and analysis of individual shopper behaviour.

  • Marketing Analytics

    MarketVidia ™ helps marketing teams to to optimize campaign performance and build better customer experience.

  • Data Integration

    Allows integration with data collected from other sources to get a detailed customer view.

  • Affordable pricing

    Affordable pricing options tailored to your business needs.

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